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Getting Started

Quick Overview

Hello, and welcome to Outer Fields: Arena. Before getting started there are a few things to know about how the project handles accounts and assets. Unlike most other blockchain games, you are not required to log in through an active wallet, all activity involving assets and the blockchain side of an account is handled through on-chain monitoring. This means that you can play from anywhere without having to access your wallet on the system you are playing on, with no need to authorize your wallet through the browser or even enter your keys on the system you are using. This means you can have your wallet air-gapped on a different system and play from anywhere while managing your assets how you see accordingly. This getting started guide will give you and overview of how this works, how to go about setting up your initial account and how to manage your assets related to your account.

Accounts and assets are all handled at a DID level. You acquire an account NFT and when registering and link it to your account, once this process is complete all Outer Fields card NFTs that are owned by that DID are linked to your account. This happens automatically on the game’s backend with any changes to NFT under your did are acknowledged in around 3-5 minutes (the monitor is always 12 blocks behind). When you acquire new cards and want them available in your in-game account, all you have to do is transfer them to your DID and they will show up in game. You can then use the game account you created to login from anywhere and have access to the cards tied to that DID. When rewards are dispersed they automatically go the address of the wallet that holds your account NFT. Through this process there is no need to expose your keys to any system you play on, and even in the case of your game account being compromised, there is nothing the bad actor can do that change anything related to your rewards distribution or your owned assets.

Any NFT held by the same DID as your account NFT can also set to your in-game avatar.

Registering an Account

The following are the steps required to set up your wallet and register your in-game account. It is recommended to make a new wallet that is used specifically for the game. While this is not required it helps a lot with managing your assets. 57 card NFTs are the minimum for playing the game, these are easy to acquire, but are easier to manage and your wallet will sync quicker and more reliably if you dedicate a single wallet for the game instead of intermingling with other nfts you may have on an existing account. You may also want to consider using a different wallet for redeeming card packs and transfer only the cards you want to use to this “game” wallet.

Any Chia wallet can be used, but as of the time of writing this no web/mobile wallets support bulk transfer of NFTs to a DID, given the amount of cards needed to play, the official Chia wallet is the recommended wallet to use due it allowing up to 25 NFTs to be transferred to a DID at once, this makes the fees, time and effort needed to transfer NFTs to your linked DID minimal. The official Chia wallet can be found at:

Chia.net (Official Chia Website)

Chia GitHub (Official Chia GitHub repository)

When first starting the wallet select “Wallet Mode” this enables all wallet functionality without needing to run a node and sync the blockchain.

Every step going forward assumes you are using the official Chia wallet, wallet connect is also recommended to be used when interacting with the dexie marketplace and with offers. You can also do this manually, but wallet connect is a secure way to simplify the process. Like mentioned prior there is no need to connect to your wallet while playing the game, but you do need to interact with your wallet directly when acquiring or handling assets. An overview for enabling and linking wallet connect can be found Here the steps involving the sample DApp can be ignored, the steps showing the wallet and linking to services are what are relevant, this can be done through dexie to accept offers from the website directly in your wallet without having to download or copy/past offers.

For those already familiar with DID and NFT actions in the wallet the following steps are whats required, if not below you will find detailed instructions.

  1. Get an account did from dexie Here
  2. Create a new DID specifically for Outer Fields
  3. Move the account NFT to your new DID for Outer Fields
  4. Generate an offer file offering the Account NFT, asking for 1000 XCH
  5. Open Outer Fields and once loaded click on the register button
  6. Fill out your account credentials, paste in your offer file data, and register.
  7. In a few seconds you should be greeted with a message saying your account has been registered, going forward you can use that account to log in and manage your assets directly in your wallet how you see fit.

Important Notes

If you ever need to reset your password the same steps can be followed, but using the reset password menu

Only one DID can be linked to an account, if an account has multiple Account NFTs only the first one linked to a DID will be acknowledged

You can move your account NFT to a different DID and still use your in-game account, assets that are linked to an account are assets that are owned by the same DID as the Account NFT. It the case of switching it to a different DID your in-game assets would no longer be those of the past DID but those of the new one

Detailed Registration Steps

  1. Acquire an account NFT

    The first step to registering an account is acquiring an account NFT, this can be acquired on dexie Here. A small cost is required to purchase one, this is to acts as a deterrent to anyone trying to buy them all up to resell, or trying to cause issue in general. This small cost also helps cover some upfront fees for card pack redemptions, as to ensure quick delivery of card redemptions and to support the network, most transactions like rewards distribution and NFT mints for pack redemptions are submitted with a fee if needed.

    To accept an offer for an account NFT at the link above, you have several options Wallet Connect, downloading the offer text file, or copy and pasting the text into your wallet. When at the dexie page with the account nfts you can click on “Take” button to enable and accept the offer via wallet connect, or from the drop down menu, download or copy the offer text. If not using wallet connect you can access the offers tab on the left menu of your Chia wallet and then open or paste the offer into the view offer box near the top right.

  2. Create a DID

    While this step doesn’t need to be taken before registering, it does need to be taken at some point before your are able to play, so it is best to handle this now.

    On the left menu of the Chia wallet at the bottom click on settings and then navigate to PROFILES(DIDS) from here you can create a DID and assign it a name. A small fee is recommended to be used, which can be selected from the fee dropdown, this ensure your did is created quickly even if there is network congestion so you can move on to the next step. If you navigate back to the tokens tab on the top left you should see a transaction pending for a small amount, this is your did transaction as the did is created on-chain. Once this transaction shows as confirmed you can move on to the next step.

  3. Move your account NFT to your new profile(DID)

    Now that your DID has been created you can transfer NFTs to it via the NFT page. On the left menu click on the NFT tab and locate the account NFT you acquired in step 1. At the bottom right of the NFT you will see 3 dots, click on them and a sub menu will be brought up which contains “Move to Profile” select this in the new window that pops up select the profile you created in step 2, once again a small fee is recommended as well but not required, then click move.

    Your account NFT should now show a pending symbol on it, when this clears your NFT will now be under your did and you can move on.

  4. Create the offer file used for registration

    Now that you have your account NFT assigned to a DID you can create the offer file needed for registration, this is how you prove ownership of your DID and all NFTs that will be placed under it. This is a one time process and after done registering any and all Outer Fields NFT assets moved to this DID will be updated automatically to your in-game account.

    Navigate to your account NFT in the NFT menu, and click the 3 dots again on the bottom right, this will bring up an offer menu to generate an offer file for the account NFT. Under requesting select XCH and set the amount to 10000 XCH. Then on the top right click the create offer button, and click I understand on the prompt. You do not want to share your offer, though given the price is set at 10000 XCH even if you do no one should buy it. You can save the offer to a file if you want, but it is not needed.

    You can now access the offer data by navigating to the offers tab on the left menu, once there you should see under “Offers you created” the offer you just made. On the right, click the 3 dots under actions. You will see a display offer data option, select it to view your offer data. You will need to paste this offer data into the registration form on the next step. You can either copy it now or navigate back and do so when needed for registering.

  5. Registering your account

    You are now ready to register your account. Navigate to Outer Fields and once loaded click on the register button. You will be prompted to fill out a form with your account details. Enter your account details and paste the offer data from the offer made during the prior step. Once you have the form fully filled out click register, in a few seconds you will be greeted with a success message as long as the details and offer are valid.

    You can now use this account you created to log in and play, your DID and assets under it are now always linked to your in game account and will be updated accordingly when NFTS are transfer in and out of DID ownership. This can all be done separate from your game account and you will see the changes reflected on your game account in approximately 3-5 minutes after changes in your wallet.

Setting avatar

In the settings menu you can set your avatar to any NFT that is under the same DID as you account, by providing the NFT id. You will need to log back in for it to show on your in-game profile. It will be visible in your next match either way.

Card Packs

Currently at the time of writing this there are 2 different card pack tokens, specifics and information about acquiring them can be found on the Marketplace Info and Asset Redemption pages. You can also directly access this info inside the game client. There may be more specific card packs introduced over time, but the Starter and Booster token will be the main card pack tokens. Over time as new card sets are released, with the exception of specialty packs, the Start and Booster tokens will be the base tokens for acquiring sets. These are general tokens and will redeem for cards of all of the non-limited sets in circulation. Limited release specialty pack tokens will also be introduced as well that redeem only for cards of that collection. Card packs can be acquired with both OKRA and OUTR, with OUTR price being a static set amount and the OKRA price being the current market rate for okra with a 10% discount over the OUTR price.

Acquiring card pack tokens

Card pack tokens can be acquired via the Dexie Marketplace you can also find the links to do so within the game client menus.

Due to the decentralized nature of ownership users are also free to trade them in what ever way they seem fit.

Redeeming card pack tokens

The redemption process is as simple as sending the acquired card pack tokens to the projects redemption address which can be found in the game client, or found at Asset Redemption.

Card packs must be sent to this address, sending to any other address, including those shown in the wallet under transactions information will not be honored and are very likely to be unrecoverable due to the way CAT tokens function on chain.

To redeem ,initiate a transaction to the redemption address sending Only full tokens, as partial tokens are lost, (ex. send 2 tokens not 1.5, if 1.5 is sent only 1 pack will be redeemed and the 0.5 lost). Once received the cards will be minted and sent directly back to the address that sent the pack token. These cards will not automatically go to your DID, you will have to transfer them to your DID, which can be done in groups of 25, see the DID bulk transfer guide for information on how to bulk transfer to your DID. The process should take 3-5 minutes but could take longer depending on network conditions, fees are used to mint/send if needed but if the network faces a lot of congestion it still might take awhile to mint as the fee used does have a limit to it, though this should not be an issue until well into the future, in which case it will be addressed.


Rewards are automatically distributed to the address that holds the account NFT linked to a game account, this happens once per day around UTC -4.

Currently reward consist of:

  • OKRA
  • OUTR

These are alternated variously between wins with a decrease amount of OKRA earned until a floor of 100 is hit, then all rewards will stay consistent until the next day. More information can be found on the Reward and Chances page.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.